New Orleans Bullies is a Kennel residing in the heart of New Orleans, LA. Home of the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Bullies has and-selected "Top of the Line" dogs that will produce only the best for our program. We are providing you with only the best from our kennel to yours through hit after hit breeding. We promise to bring you heavy-boned, thick rears, broad shoulders and head pieces that plenty are know to envy from the pit bull bully breeds. Breeds such as Edge and True Tank.

Take a tour of our site and we hope that you enjoy the tour and love what you see. Special thanks to my long-time friend Shawn of True Tank / TSO Kennels for the knowledge and guidance since the beginning. Also to my friend Henry of Lockjaw Kennels for all of his support that was given to me. And last but not least Ed Sheppard for the help to jumpstart the movement of New Orleans Bullies toward positive things.